HMN Architects Celebrates 30 Years

Showcases our fun, engaging and energetic company culture with our valued employees

Proud of the past 30 years, HMN Architects President, Dave Brown and his talented team of professionals are excited to embrace the next 30 — and the impact their outstanding work will continue to have on healthcare, commercial and civic clients in the Midwest. In fact, there is a vibrant energy in the firm’s updated modern Overland Park office space that showcases the evolution of the firm originally founded in 1989.

Established to Do Good Work.

Built on three decades of delivering outstanding architectural, interior design and planning services, HMN Architects has a simple mission: to be the best firm recognized by our clients and industry partners.

Expanding Talent and Markets.

HMN develops and maintains creative talent that thrives on compassion, collaboration and deep immersion in their clients’ environments. The mix of talent at HMN spans from industry veterans who have spent nearly their entire careers at the firm to new graduates bringing fresh ideas to HMN and its clients — and everyone in between.

The diverse team with a combination of industry-specific experience is indicative of the family-style values that are at the core of the company’s culture. At HMN, creativity and laughter are valued, employee strengths and talents are recognized and contributions are appreciated.

For 30 years, HMN has been recognized for exceptional architecture designs, and the firm is positioned to grow their practice areas including civic, education, healthcare, religious and the expanding commercial market.

“As we look to the next 30 years, expanding our footprint within the commercial market is definitely something we are excited about,” shared Brown. “We’ve recently added an experienced business development professional with a background in interior design, which I believe will help to shape the direction of our practice.”

The firm believes that a well-designed commercial space can promote productivity, enhance the customer and employee experience and aide strategic business goals. HMN is dedicated to designing environments that help businesses succeed and looks forward to helping clients create spaces that strengthen their brand and leave a lasting impact for many years to come.

Technology to Drive Innovation.

HMN Architects is also changing with the times, and that means incorporating new technology like Virtual Reality (VR) into its design process. Similar to an immersive video game, when clients slip on a VR headset, they can “walk” through highly detailed representations of future projects at various points of the design process. HMN appreciates the high-level of realism and impressiveness that VR offers its clients, since many design changes can be made in real-time while the user is wearing the headset — resulting in fewer changes during construction and a better project upon completion.

 Connect • Transform • Inspire

So what’s in-store for HMN Architects over the next 30+ years? The firm intends to continue to connect with its clients, to transform the way communities see architecture, and inspire people through great design.


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Posted on February 21, 2020
Category: HMN News & Updates

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