Establishing a creative atmosphere requires us to consider several solutions before finding the one that best responds to the client’s needs. Our design team includes the clients from the beginning of the project. We keep the communication lines open and accessible throughout the life of the project.

Our design process is structured, simple and proven. It is crucial that the client has a clear and easily articulated goal for the project to guide the team throughout the course of the project.

This creative process has given HMN Architects a large percentage of repeat clients. Much of this success can be attributed to recognizing and keeping our client’s expectations at the forefront of the process.

The Program

The planning of the project begins here. Initial meetings will involve many questions about function, access, culture, and value. In the discussions, we will look at functional relationships.

A preliminary budget for the cost of the work and a preliminary schedule will be developed and approved by the decision makers before proceeding onto the next design phase.

Schematic Design

HMN will schedule and facilitate meetings with the decision makers to produce layouts that indicate the area and relationships of the project components. Preliminary selections of major building systems and materials will be noted. These meetings will be scheduled as required to maintain progress.
The scope of the work, the preliminary budget, and the schedule will be verified and approved by the owner before proceeding.

Design Development

HMN will schedule and facilitate meetings with the decision makers to develop the approved SD documents into design development documents, that include information regarding size, materials, systems, and structure.

At the end of the design development phase, a set of drawings and outlined specifications will be delivered and allow initial construction pricing.

Construction Documents

HMN and our consultants will prepare documents consisting of drawings and specifications, based upon the approved design development drawings. These CD’s will be used for bidding, permitting and construction of the work.

Bidding and Negotiation

HMN typically assists the owner in the distribution of the bidding documents to prospective bidders. HMN will organize and conduct a pre-bid conference and prepare responses to questions from prospective bidders during the bidding process. We will also organize and conduct the opening of the bids and distribute the results of the bid.

Construction Administration

HMN serves as the owner’s agent and provides full service on behalf of the owner throughout the construction phase of the project. We are involved in evaluation of the work, shop drawing submittal and review, certificates for payment to the contractor, changes to the work, and project closeout and completion.

HMN will also perform an 11-month post occupancy evaluation with the owner and the general contractor to document 12-month warranty issues.

HMN staffs the project with the same team from the beginning of the project to completion. The same people conduct the initial interviews, write the program, and work with the decision makers, prepare documents and specifications, and observe construction.

Miscellaneous Phases (if applicable)


HMN has a 90% success rate on first vote passes assisting counties with their facilities. For example, Henry County, Missouri passed with a 75% yes vote. We are heavily involved in the referendum process from the beginning. We will provide information, graphics and art work for FAQ handouts. We will also attend public meetings and offer guidance to the county to ensure a successful campaign.

Unbiased Site Selection

Once the proposed sites are selected, HMN will evaluate the sites to determine the apparent “best” site for the facility. To help with the selection process, we develop site selection criteria, weight site selection criteria, rate proposed sites, and tabulate scores.

Cost Control and Estimating

Cost Management begins at the onset of the project as our team develops the project goals. HMN’s team works with our clients to establish a realistic cost estimate with either a third party professional estimator or construction manager, depending on delivery method.

Good quality documents are the difference in estimates and successful bids. In a competitive environment, the accuracy and clarity of the drawings and specifications is reflected in better response at bid time.

Quality Control and Process Monitoring

HMN has a well-defined Quality Control Plan in place. The guiding statement of the plan is laid out below.

Quality is not just the absence of errors and/or omissions, but also the positive presence of function, good aesthetics, constructability, durability, and cost-effectiveness. Real quality will ultimately achieve the client’s goals.

The Quality Control Plan is structured in accordance with HMN’s established phases of work and begins with a work plan. Each member of the design team has their areas of responsibility. These areas of responsibility include but are not limited to:

  • Programming
  • Schematic Design
  • Design Development
  • Opinion of Probable Cost
  • Construction Documents
  • Bidding/Negotiation
  • Construction Administration

Furnishings and Interior Design

HMN’s interior design team can create furnishings and/or artwork specifications for the client based on a project need, or facility standard already established. They are experienced in preparing a variety of documents for the client’s use, including budgetary pricing booklets, spreadsheets with full specifications, floor plans to show locations of pieces for installation, and finish binders to show selected materials.