Leveraging Mixed Reality: Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality for Design

The design field is amid an evolution in how we communicate projects with our clients, consultants, and contractors. Mixed Reality (the umbrella term for digitally immersive visualization) has allowed for a new level of design understanding and flexibility, allowing decisions and changes to be made in the design phase. The result is fewer costly changes during construction and a better project upon completion. At HMN Architects, we specialize in bringing two different Mixed Realities to our design process with clients.

At HMN Architects, we appreciate the high level of realism and impressiveness that Virtual Reality (VR) brings to the table, both for us as designers and for our clients. Our clients can “walk” through highly accurate representations of future projects at various points of the design process when critical design decisions must be made – and many of these changes can be made in real-time while the user is wearing the headset. As designers, VR offers us a very intimate and realistic way to critique and improve our designs. VR can also be used to help our clients sell their visions to boards, councils, and even the public.