At HMN, our approach to planning is simple. We listen to our clients. Instead of presenting preconceived ideas, we work with each client to ensure our designs are addressing underlying issues and fulfilling goals. We do this by engaging stakeholders at multiple levels.

Our team develops solutions specific to the client’s needs, values, cultures and situations. The final result is a master plan that is flexible and adaptable to rapid changes and capable of evolving with the organization. When tackling a planning project, we use the following tactics:

  • Understand and reinforce the institution’s culture, mission and role in the community
  • Understand the extent of each facility and their specific goals for the future
  • Analyze the facility’s needs and the organization’s strategic goals and objectives
  • Build on the strengths of the organization
  • Incorporate lean workflow principles to increase staff efficiency
  • Use modularity, interchange ability and technology integration to improve safety and quality
  • Develop strategic options that align solutions with needs
  • Create a flexible plan that anticipates undefined and unknown changes
  • Work with various representatives who relate to the strategic team and give balance to solutions