Mercy Carthage Hospital – Critical Access Replacement Hospital

Mercy McCune-Brooks Architecture

A healing environment was the vision for McCune-Brooks Regional Hospital in Carthage, Missouri. The objective was that its design should enhance the lives of all who use the facility, giving dignity to patients and staff, as well as serenity to families and visitors.

The design team analyzed how healthcare services were provided in the previous facility and how the architecture and natural environment could be essential ingredients in the healing process of the new facility. The 140,000 SF, 60-bed facility is organized along a central circulation, which fronts a large central healing garden. The garden is more than 60 feet wide to provide maximum daylighting to interior facing rooms. Each patient care area can be expanded or modified to suit changing needs. For instance, each clinical department can expand independently into either interior “soft” space or into a defined exterior zone.

Patient rooms were designed to take advantage of daylighting and views to nature. The windows in each room are large enough to provide sufficient daylight, even in the winter months, with portions of the window sills extending to the floor. The rooms were constructed for families to effectively participate in the patient’s care with careful consideration given to urnishings, artwork, and other amenities. Each room is equipped with a flat-screen television and a small refrigerator, so families feel more welcome, making their stay less stressful.

Areas of respite are provided in each patient care and staff area. For instance, in the adult inpatient care unit, there is a quiet library area with a fireplace at the end of the wing, as well as a more active family gathering space, complete with a full kitchen.

The nursing concept is based on decentralized patient care with shared staff support spaces. “Onstage” and “Offstage” areas were designed into the facility to provide the staff with places to collaborate for various tasks. Each patient room has been designed for ADA accessibility and ease of staff assistance for patients. The intensive care rooms were planned to allow for multi-acuity patient care needs. McCune-Brooks’ mission and vision are strong, and are woven into the architecture and design of its new $36-million replacement facility.

Operational since January 17, 2008, it is proving to be a success and is exceeding the expectations of the community and staff, who give the space meaning and purpose.

Awards and Publications: 2009 MADA Award Winner, 2009 Healthcare Design Annual Showcase, 2009 ACHE Congress on Healthcare Leadership, 2010 Missouri Impact Award for Excellence in Health Care Process Improvement, Landmark Award 2008



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