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Matt Lang

An Exclusive Insight from Architectural Designer, Matt Lang

Matt Lang has been with HMN Architects since 2013, after his graduation with a Masters of Architecture from Kansas State University. In his time at HMN, he has been involved in schematic and design development, construction documents and project development on a variety of healthcare projects. Mr. Lang’s flexibility in helping with each team’s needs gives his experience working on a variety of specialized projects in the office.

Q: What has been your favorite project at HMN thus far?

Matt Lang: My favorite project at HMN since I started here would be Children’s Mercy Gift Shop. It was a great to see it being recognized for the Kansas City Business Journal’s Capstone Award for the retail category.

Q: What is your favorite part of working at HMN?

Matt Lang: My favorite part of my job is learning new things every day. We have a very talented group of people here that are always willing to help.

Q: What aspect of your role as an Architectural Designer do you enjoy the most?

Matt Lang: At HMN, I have been able to work on all portions of the design phases for many different types of projects, both large and small. I also get the opportunity to work on renderings as well as on our new 3D printer that we invested in last year.

Q: What is the deal with this 3D Printer? Why is it vital for architecture?

Matt Lang: The 3D printing adds another valuable layer of visual communication with the client during different phases of a project. During schematic design, we are able to produce multiple small scale variations of initial design and massing concepts to help in early decisions. During the design development stage, we are able to enlarge building elements to help visualize specific design options. To aid the client and user groups in visualizing interior spaces, we are able to print a typical room to scale so the client is able to see how the layout of the room functions in three dimension. This can be utilized as a bridge between 2D paper drawings and full-size mock-ups or as a stand-alone process. After a project is completed, HMN is able to produce higher quality showcase models for the client.

3D Printing

Posted on March 10, 2017
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