City of Olathe, KS – Fire Station #3

Olathe Fire Station #3

Location: Olathe, Kansas
Size: 4,900 SF

HMN Architects partnered with the City of Olathe on several of their fire station projects. The third fire station, 9,000 SF, is a three-bay drive-through fire station with administrative and living space located in a residential area. Unique features of this project are the truss roof to match the surrounding residential neighborhood. Another unique feature is that the structure is wood framed.

Olathe Fire Station #3 uses a sloped roof and varying scale of exterior walls to achieve a residential character while at the same time recalling the public character of a fire station by the use of a triangular gabled forms that interrupt the roof line and articulate the apparatus bays and the public entrance system and extensive screened day lighting to all spaces. These design features help to overcome the aesthetic challenge of placing a municipal facility in a residential neighborhood.



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