Larry Ralph

Larry Ralph NCARB, LEED AP®
Vice President / Principal

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Larry Ralph

Larry Ralph, NCARB, LEED AP®, is the Vice President and Principal at HMN Architects. He joined HMN’s team in 1988, was promoted to Principal in 1990, and was promoted to President in 1999. In March 2019, Larry announced that he was retiring, however, he was going to remain active in the firm during the transition.

Leading some of the firm’s most complex projects, Larry has been recognized for his achievements in the communities we work in. Although, he oversees several HMN markets, his primary focus is on the healthcare field. Larry’s experience provides clients with leadership in critical problem solving, planning, design and project coordination.

With a passion for management, Larry is committed to making sure HMN is a comfortable and fun place to work every day.