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Shawn Harding - HMN Architects

This has been a great couple of months for HMN Architects. Shawn Harding has been a part of HMN Architects’ team since 2005. He was first promoted in 2008 to Senior Associate. In October 2016, Harding was promoted to also hold the Director of Business Development position. Working in both healthcare and justice design, his in-depth knowledge about both industries will only benefit HMN. Shawn will continue to manage projects efficiently and effectively as well as be responsible for managing current clients and building HMN’s network for new work. Upon meeting with clients and perspective clients, Shawn will be able to speak to design needs and answer any questions one may have when it comes to architecture. Congratulations to Shawn, who is determined to make a difference in our business development efforts. We are excited to watch and help you succeed at this new adventure!

Q&A with Shawn Harding:

How has HMN helped you in your career development?

There have been several things to happen that pushed me to take on additional responsibilities besides managing projects. Just stepping out of my comfort zone of working on justice projects to tackle healthcare projects early in my tenure was instrumental in this development. In my eleven and a half years, I’ve transitioned from design/production roles to working more closely with our clients.

What would you consider your biggest accomplishment so far in your career?

Every Architect deals with hurdles after they begin their career. The first hurdle is getting licensed. The second hurdle is finding a market niche that suits you. I’ve accomplished those goals. I don’t have a favorite project, but I have favorite places. Designing a jail in Dodge City, Kansas is definitely one of my favorites. This was where Law Enforcement received notoriety and created legends.

What is on your wish list for the next 10 years with HMN?

To continue my career path and finish strong. Leave the office in great hands and in good shape.

In your opinion, what skills and/or traits are crucial to have as an architect?

Thick skinned, self-motivated, curious, good communicator (verbal and graphically), accept challenges and has common sense.

As the new Director of Business Development, what are your goals for the company?

My goals are:

  • Grow our markets
  • Build strong relationships (repeat clients)
  • Re-establishing contact with past clients
  • Promote HMN’s accomplishments better
  • Improve our presentation

What are your hobbies outside of work?

I enjoy hunting and fishing, which led to my writing for outdoor publications. I seem to spend a lot of time fixing things on cars or around the house, my enjoyment of those things vary greatly.

Posted on December 28, 2016
Category: HMN News & Updates

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