Shawnee Mission Medical Center – Critical Care Expansion

Shawnee Mission Medical Center

The Shawnee Mission Medical Center’s bold composition and carefully considered material palette of glass, travertine marble, metal and precast concrete panels differentiate it as the new landmark of the campus, while providing a contextual consistency with the SMMC campus.

SMMC’s interiors combine vibrant colors—inspired by the Kansas landscape—with soothing neutral tones, comfortable contemporary furniture, clear wayfinding and expansive windows to create a warm and welcoming environment. Daylight fills the entire hospital, including in corridors, staff lounges and public spaces. A series of respite lounges provide private areas for nourishment, entertainment or relaxation for those awaiting treatment.

The new Emergency Department increases capacity and breaks the department down into smaller, decentralized treatment clusters providing flexibility to adjust the size of the department depending on demand. Endoscopy and Operating Room suites are colocated to allow both units to share pre- and post-procedure support spaces. Bed floors are organized as open core models with decentralized caregiver stations to improve patient monitoring. “Team spaces” at the center of each bed floor provide flexible areas for training and collaboration. Acuity adaptable patient rooms within the ICU and CCU minimize the need for moving patients during their stay.

The new chapel of Shawnee Mission Medical Center is located adjacent to the new, two-story lobby and chapel courtyard. As a faith based institution, the hospital wanted to expand and enlarge its chapel to better express their belief that spiritual healing can be as important as physical healing with each impacting the other. Glass walls located adjacent to the main entry provide inspirational words to those seeking care in the facility and provide a backdrop to the dynamic space. The panels below retract allowing the chapel to expand into the lobby for larger scale events. The outer glass wall brings views of nature into the space from the adjacent courtyard and creates a visual backdrop for the podium. A prayer wall flanks the space allowing friends and family to offer their silent prayers for loved ones. The new chapel serves as a physical symbol of the facility’s commitment to faith and care.

The new chapel garden at Shawnee Mission Medical Center is located in the hospital’s former main entrance. It is framed by the new addition, as well as the existing patient tower. The chapel garden is located adjacent to the new Chapel and provides both a space for patrons to enjoy the solitude of this enclosed courtyard and a point of orientation for all visitors to the facility. The main public circulation for the hospital occurs on two levels and three sides of the courtyard. The remaining face of the courtyard is the existing patient tower. Due to new grades within the area, the design team was faced with recreating the precast appearance and punching new windows into the old building. The courtyard also serves to allow light into the old and new building through the expansive curtain wall system. Small outside services or events can also occur within the space.

The new surgery waiting at Shawnee Mission Medical Center is located off the new lobby and entrance area. The original location of the surgery waiting was located on the same level, but was difficult to find and utilize. Its small size required the addition of seating within the public corridor affording little privacy or the space for families to gather. The new surgery waiting area more than triples the original square footage. It was designed to provide both diversity in seating experiences and various degrees of solitude. The space includes areas for lounge seating, tables and chairs, as well as quiet spaces for contemplation and family gathering. Daylight streams into the space, which is screened to control heat and glare. The space combines architectural features with interior design and furniture selection to create diverse environments for families and friends to decompress and release stress.

This project was done in collaboration with NBBJ out of Columbus, Ohio.



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