North Kansas City Hospital – Northland Cardiac Center

North Kansas City Hospital Cardiac Center

Location: Kansas City, Missouri
Year Completed: 2011
Size: 30,185 SF
Awards and Publications: Healthcare Design Magazine – Architectural Showcase 2011; Keystone Recognition Award 2010, Clay County Economic Development Council

2011, Architectural Showcase, Healthcare Design Magazine – Northland Cardiac Center, North Kansas City Hospital; Clay County Economic Development Council’s 2010 Keystone Recognition Award

In late 2007, North Kansas City Hospital began discussing ways to improve their Cardiac Care Center of Excellence. While their core measures were all above national averages, they understood the projected market changes required a proactive approach to not just maintaining, but improving their service line. Numerous initiatives were discussed, and it was determined a limiting factor to the service line’s future success was its dispersal of services. At that time, the services for cardiac care were spread throughout three campus buildings on six different floors. The locations of the various components of the service line fragmented the staff, visitors and patients’ experiences and even the brand identity.

To improve the patient experience, they began working with HMN Architects to determine how they might bring the service line together. The team chose to move cardiovascular and cardiothoracic surgery and cardiovascular intensive care to the shell space on the 11th floor of the Health Services Pavilion.
The Northland Cardiac Center became the cornerstone for the revitalized Center of Excellence and the first of its kind in the Kansas City metropolitan area. The space includes a 12-bed cardiovascular intensive care unit, four surgery suites, a recovery area, surgical registration, and the family waiting room.



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