North Kansas City Hospital – Maternity Child Unit

North KC Hospital Maternity

Location: North Kansas City, Missouri
Year Completed: 2011
Size: 48,469 SF
Awards and Publications: Remodel/Renovation Competition 2010, Healthcare Design Magazine

HMN Architects partnered with North Kansas City Hospital to complete a four-phase remodel of two floors of the existing north tower. It entails the complete demolition and build-back of both floors in their entirety. The project was originally undertaken to launch a new neonatal intensive care unit. With all private rooms, it quickly became a complete redefinition of the mother-child service line. New patient rooms were designed, including anti-partum, labor delivery and postpartum rooms. A new level 1 nursery was also designed, as well as new support spaces for all staff.

During the design process, the team toured similar units and involved patients, staff and hospital leadership. This process led to several delivery model shifts, including an increase of ‘rooming in’ newborn infants and a dedicated pre/post triage area.

One of the design decisions was to ‘same hand’ the labor delivery rooms to minimize potential errors and improve quality outcomes. This became a challenge with the spacing of the existing column grid and location of these rooms around the nurse station. By moving the patient entrances along the corridor wall, we could achieve our goal.

Several design features were unique to this unit, including moving the nurse stations to the exterior walls allowing staff and public corridors access to natural light and great views, decentralizing nursing throughout both units, and a conscious effort to intertwine the new design with the branding efforts of the hospital.



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