Lake Regional Hospital – Hospital Renovations

Location: Osage Beach, Missouri
Year of Completion: 2018
Size: 54,000 SF

HMN Architects continued their long-term working relationship with Lake Regional Health System (LRHS) by partnering with Lake Regional Hospital to renovate their existing hospital. The 54,000 SF renovation project was complete in May 2018.

There were three parts to the renovation project: Main Lobby, Outpatient, and Family Birth Center. From a patient standpoint, the main goal of the renovation was to provide a more modern and efficient experience for all visitors and patients.

The renovations were designed to set a new standard for all future projects in terms of design quality, both inside the hospital itself as well as extending to all the LRHS outreach clinics. The long-term goal was to provide a single unified design aesthetic that was highly visible in all of Lake Regional’s facilities. This aesthetic draws inspiration from the scenic lake landscape, incorporating a calming palette of blue tones and organic wave shapes.

The registration area used to be in a separate building off the main lobby. This set-up was not efficient for patients. As part of the renovation project, the registration area was relocated to the main hospital lobby with a curbed reception desk and ceiling. The coffee shop was deconstructed to offer an open lounge area, which will encourage the use of the newly renovated courtyard.

It was essential to establish a consistent means of way-finding from the main lobby to the Emergency Department and inpatient entrance/lobby on the north side. A series of additions and renovations over the years left this pathway a muddled mix that is over-reliant on signage and confusing for visitors. New flooring, finishes, ceilings, and lighting has helped tie these two lobbies together through a connecting corridor.

Privacy was an issue in the former Outpatient Unit because only curtains separated all the bays. HMN was responsible for creating the right balance between patient privacy and space efficiency. The new patient bays now have full walls on the sides with a curtain at the front of each bay. The newly renovated unit increased the number of bays within the unit from 20 to 27. The primary nursing area is divided into two distinct sections, which makes it more convenient from a staff standpoint.

The new Family Birth Center will occupy a previously unused shell space on the third floor of the East Patient Tower. This new unit will provide a completely modern experience for expecting mothers, their newborns, and their families. The project also consisted of adding a pediatric-centered component to the nearby Inpatient Unit. The new Family Birth Center consists of 10 Labor, Delivery, Recovery, and Postpartum Rooms (LDRP), a nursery, a cesarean section operating room, and supporting nurse spaces.



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