Hughes County, SD – Jail and Juvenile Detention

Hughes County Interior

Location: Pierre, South Dakota
Year Completed: 2010
Size: 42,000 SF | 160-Beds
Awards and Publications: Design Cost Data Magazine – May/June 2011 Edition

The Hughes County jail and juvenile justice center is located on a hill overlooking the Missouri River. The site is picturesque, but posed some distinct challenges. The area was not served by a road or utilities, which was problematic for the team. An access road was constructed to access the site.

The new jail has 144-beds. The cells are double bunked in the main housing area. In addition to traditional jail housing, the facility includes a 24-bed work release area. It is comprised of dorm space divided into two, separate spaces for males and females. There are 18 male beds and six female beds. The facility also has a 16-bed juvenile detention area, which is divided into 4 pods to allow for maximum flexibility.

The Hughes County jail features supervised video visitation, medical holding and a drive through sallyport. Jail administration support spaces were also included in the design. Alcohol and drug testing can be performed at this facility and the appropriate spaces needed such as blood draw laboratory were incorporated into the design.

The jail also has a warming kitchen for the food that is delivered from the nearby women’s prison. HMN considered the future needs of Hughes County when creating the design. The new facility is expandable to 288 beds in order to allow for growth.



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