Kansas Commissions on Veterans Affairs Office – Fort Dodge Master Plan

Fort Dodge

Location: Fort Dodge, Kansas
Year Completed: 2017
Size of Campus: 90+ Buildings; 750-Acres

The facilities evaluation for the Kansas Soldier’s Home at Fort Dodge is the culmination of months of work evaluating the remaining structure and uses. HMN partnered with the Kansas Commissions on Veterans Affairs Office and the Kansas Soldiers’ Home, with input from the State of Kansas DFM to develop the vision, guiding principles, programmatic needs, operational requirements and strategic direction for the Fort’s master plan.

The team documented the status of the facilities and proposed a path to achieve these goals for Fort Dodge. We assessed the current and projected infrastructure needs to comply with that vision. The result is a unified concept with options that will direct their growth strategy while still respecting the existing historic buildings.

The focus of the plan is based on the following key elements:

  • Improve the quality of life for veterans and their families in this region and provide for a continuum of care for veterans of all levels of physical ability and health.
  • Adapt to changing veterans’ needs for housing and lifestyle by improving the quality of the existing housing stock and providing new housing options that meet the needs and preferences of current and future veterans.
  • Strengthen veteran and community connections by redefining the image of the Kansas Soldiers’ Home at Fort Dodge as a desirable place to visit and live.
  • Address the daily needs of veterans of all levels of physical activity and health, through the development of meaningful leisure and recreational facilities.
  • Create a cohesive and organized community plan, providing for the long-term viability of the Fort in its mission.

This master plan forms the foundation for the maintenance, restoration, redevelopment and economic revitalization of Soldiers’ Home at Fort Dodge, Kansas. Key to the master plan is the redesign of the parade ground into a central park commons and passive recreational area. Pershing and Sheridan Streets will be visually reinforced as the main two streets, extending Sheridan towards the Arkansas River, terminating in a pedestrian overlook.

The team provided for the expansion of the Halsey Hall healthcare facility to provide updated patient rooms for acute and rehabilitative care and expanded outpatient services. To reinforce the community fabric, HMN recommended the relocation of some existing cottages, and building new cottages into the vacant gaps to reestablish the streetscape. Also planned are alternative housing options for veterans including assisted living, skilled nursing and villa homes, as well as a variety of indoor and outdoor recreational and educational activities that will strengthen the social fabric of the Fort.



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