Dunklin County, MO – Courtrooms (Phase Two)

Dunklin County Court

Location: Kennett, Missouri
Year Completed: 2014
Size: 21,000 SF

Dunklin County Justice Center is a project that stemmed due to the county’s significant growth, surpassing their inmate holding capacity. The need to expand and improve their sheriff’s facilities became a priority.

The county had the opportunity to purchase a large, vacant 1960’s paper mill and re-purpose the space into a county jail and sheriff’s office, as the first of many phases of work. The offices of the county stakeholders are also housed within this new space. HMN completed the first phase of work in 2006.

The second phase of work included a new courts complex. In 2012, HMN began the preliminary work on the new courts complex, including two courtrooms (one with and one without jury seating), a hearing room and the law library. The project scope also included office space for the clerk of the court, the county prosecutors, the county judges, and all administrative aides.
HMN recognized the opportunity to develop three distinct circulation orders in this new space to define public, private and secured travel routes. By situating the courts facility adjacent to the jail in the envelope of this massive structure, HMN eliminated the need to transport inmates, who are now escorted down a secure corridor directly to a holding area between the courtrooms.

Access control technology allows the judges to access their benches from a private corridor. Additional access controls help manage the waiting areas at the prosecuting attorney’s suite, the clerk of the court’s office and the law library. The public access is monitored at a common check point with a security station and they are limited to only certain areas of the facility.
The second phase of work was completed in 2014.



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