Shawn Harding

Shawn Harding NCARB, LEED AP®
Senior Associate, Director of Business Development

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Shawn Harding

Shawn Harding, NCARB, LEED AP®, is the Director of Business Development and a Senior Associate of HMN Architects. He joined HMN’s team in 2005 and was promoted to Senior Associate in 2008.

In late 2016, he was promoted to hold the position of Director of Business Development. Shawn is responsible for managing clients and building HMN’s network as well as continuing to oversee some projects.

Working in both government, justice and healthcare sectors, Shawn has been involved in all aspects of the design process. His in-depth knowledge and understanding of security issues have assisted several counties and cities in improving the function of their facilities. Shawn has an extensive background in designing government and judicial facilities but has added a significant amount of healthcare work to his resume since his start at HMN. This overall experience enhances Shawn’s ability to work with all clients and market sectors.