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HMN Architect Interns 2017

Q&A Session with Our Awesome Interns!

Starting in May 2017, Alison Luzenske, joined our in-house Interior Design Department as a summer intern between semesters at Kansas State University. Alison is currently in her sophomore year at K-State and majoring in Interior Architecture and Product Design with a minor in Leadership Studies.

Bhaswati Mukherjee and Shummer Roddick, both currently studying at the University of Kansas, started as architectural interns at HMN in June 2017. Bhaswati completed her Bachelor of Architecture degree at SPA, Delhi, in India. She has since relocated to Lawrence, Kansas to complete the 2-year Masters in Architecture program at KU. Bhaswati has finished her first year of the program and will continue to work at HMN as part of her third semester. Shummer is currently working on her Masters in Architecture and is finishing up her fifth year at KU. Bhaswati and Shummer are both focusing on completing the Health & Wellness Certification as well.

Q: Describe your role at HMN Architects. 

Alison: As an Intern with HMN for the summer, my role has been to help the Interior Design Department with their day-to-day tasks. I have been assisting the team with several different tasks on a large number of projects.

Bhaswati: I have been working for HMN for almost two months now as an Intern. Some of the responsibilities I have been given in the duration include making concept design sketches, picking up red lines in design development sheets, preparing construction documents and making presentation drawings.

Shummer: Over the course of the 2 months I’ve been working at HMN, I have had the opportunity to assist with drawings for Olathe Medical Center, Freeman West MRI Addition, and Golden Valley Memorial Healthcare projects. I have helped with several punch lists. One major task I was given is to provide the drawings from 2D to 3D for the Summit Christian Academy Addition and Renovation.

Q: How has HMN helped you in your career development so far?

Alison: HMN has allowed me to take the knowledge I have gained so far in college and apply it to projects happening in real time. Not only have I been able to apply my knowledge, but I have also learned more that will allow me to go back to school a wiser and more well-rounded designer.

Bhaswati: HMN has provided me with exposure to healthcare architecture, which is part of my curriculum in getting my Health & Wellness Certification. The exposure to the different roles that an Architect can play is enabling me to try different shoes to help me decide which area I may like to focus on. Furthermore, the hours in the office is helping me fill my AXP hours for getting a professional license.

Shummer: Since this is my first internship, HMN has shown me a lot about the field of architecture that is often not explained to most students during their college years. Besides working on the Architect Experience Program (AXP), it has expanded my understanding of what goes into being an Architect as well as gaining some insight regarding the process of healthcare based design.

Q: Name one short-term goal you have.

Alison: Before I begin my career, my main goal is to continue to expand my knowledge of the design world in as many directions as possible. I also hope to continue to do well in my studies as I finish out my last two years at Kansas State University.
Bhaswati: My short-term goal is to get my architecture licensure.
Shummer: One of the short-term goals I have includes grasping the various components that go into designing healthcare facilities. From my minor experience through classes/studios and brief time her at HMN, I look forward to the continued opportunities that are available to learn how healthcare based design works.

Q: Who is a role model you look up to and why?

Alison: My role model is my mom. Watching her advance through her career and still have a huge dedication to her family and her hobbies has inspired me to take on a very motivated and well-rounded work ethic.

Bhaswati: My dad is my role model because he is a self-made man who started with nothing and built his career on his own with sheer hard work and without any financial support from his parents.

Shummer: One role model I look up to would be Bjarke Ingels. I have always been a fan of how he works through the design process to complete different projects with BIG. Last summer, I got the chance to visit some of his residential work in Copenhagen. It was an amazing experience that I will appreciate forever.

Q: How did you become interested in a career in architecture and/or interior design?

Alison: Growing up I was always very interested in drawing. This eventually led me to take several semesters of drafting courses in high school. With those courses and a little research about the programs at K-State, I knew this was where I wanted to end up.

Bhaswati: I traveled to Europe with my parents when I was 16-years-old and fell in love with architecture that I got to experience in those medieval cities. I knew I wanted to be involved in a career where I would play a part in the creation of inspiring built form. Also, I have a very imaginative mind and wanted to put it to good use in a creative field.

Shummer: Like many others, I have always had an interest in the process of design and how things are made. It wasn’t until mid-high school that I even considered becoming an architect, previously aiming to become a teacher. My mother brought up the idea of becoming an Architect during a brief conversation. At the time, I had already taken engineering related courses, but wanted a bit more than the technical side of design. Growing up with an admiration for art, my mother’s career suggestion for me made more sense than my personal decision to teach.

Q: What is your favorite part of your job at HMN?

Alison: My favorite part of working at HMN is working on a project in the office and then being able to go to the site and see the building come to life and not just on a computer screen. I am still amazed by how different the same spaces can look.

Bhaswati: At HMN, I love it when everyone treats me as an equal even though I am only an intern and my views are always heard and taken with seriousness.

Shummer: One of my favorite aspects of HMN is seeing the different parts of architecture. The more detail oriented the better. This is one of the main reasons I have enjoyed working on the Summit Christian Academy project in Lees Summit, Missouri. Figuring out the way a building is constructed with a minimal amount of drawings has been difficult yet an enjoyable task to work on thus far.

Q: What are your hobbies and passions outside of work?

Alison: Since I was nine-years-old, my favorite thing to do in my free time has been riding horses. Aside from that, I enjoy doing any outdoor activity and love to travel whenever I get the chance.

Bhaswati: I love traveling and exploring new places and cultures. I like to sing and listen to music. I enjoy cooking especially if the food is full of color.

Shummer: One of my hobbies outside of work include attending art events in Kansas City or Lawrence. The chance to visit various galleries or witness a street performer is probably one of my favorite tasks to end the day with. Once my schedule opens up following graduation, I hope to get more involved with the community through different volunteering opportunities, aside from earning my architectural license in the future.

Posted on August 7, 2017
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