Project Highlight: Golden Valley Memorial Healthcare (GVMH) Outpatient Expansion

Golden Valley Memorial Hospital

HMN Architects partnered with Golden Valley Memorial Healthcare (GVMH) located in Clinton, Missouri, to provide architectural and interior design services for an outpatient expansion. The 93,000 SF expansion opened in June 2016 with renovation work planned for the next two years.

“Convenience and easy access were the two most frequent themes we heard from our patients and visitors, and we are successfully meeting those needs with the help of HMN Architects.” – Craig Thompson, Chief Operating Officer of Golden Valley Memorial Healthcare.

Details about the Expansion:

The recent expansion included a new Emergency Department, Imaging Center, Registration, Cardiac Rehab, Surgery expansion and a two-story entry lobby with a bistro that serves Starbucks products. After those departments moved into the new area, extensive remodeling began in the vacated space. Renovations are complete for Human Resources and the Business Office, with remodeling nearly finished for Respiratory Therapy, Pharmacy, and Lab. Additional updates will benefit IT services, Finance, Education, Food and Nutrition Services and Development and Communications.

The Surgery expansion consisted of six new operating rooms, up from four previously, and one of the largest, most technologically advanced surgery suites anywhere in the region. The new operating rooms accommodate new and additional surgical procedures with a quicker turnaround time between surgical cases. Director of Surgery Joe Ornelas has been with GVMH for almost four years and oversees the day-to-day functions of the surgery department. He stated, “All the staff [of HMN Architects] took care of all of our concerns in a timely manner. I don’t think I have anything to add on improvements. It was fantastic that we were given the opportunity to make this plan our own.”

The Imaging Department houses services such as X-Ray, CT, MRI, Mammography, Ultrasound, Nuclear Medicine and PET Scan in one location now instead of across the hospital. “Beautiful! [Just] like that, all imaging is located in one area now,” said Tami Hull, Director of Imaging Services and a GVMH team member for more than five years. “Patients needing multiple imaging services are now only steps away from the service they need as opposed to being a floor away.”

Savanna Facklam, Director of Outpatient and Pulmonary Services, stated “[Our patients] have mentioned how nice, modern and welcoming the new space is. With the additional square footage, we’ve been able to spread out and give the staff and patients the room they need to feel comfortable.” The new Outpatient Treatment Center hosts more specialty clinics like Oncology, Cardiology, Nephrology, and Pulmonology. Wound Care also has a space dedicated to only that service instead of borrowing space from other departments. The new infusion room offers more privacy for patients and will accommodate up to 8 more patients than the previous area. “I feel very lucky to work at GVMH and I’m proud to say that I do. It’s a beautiful space and I’m thankful that we’re able to provide such a great place for staff and providers to work and patients to receive care,” Facklam, a seven-year veteran of GVMH.

The new Emergency Department provides much more room for the staff as they move around quickly while trying to provide the best patient care. The new, larger space is much better when it comes to functionality. Kayleen Thomas, Director of Emergency Services, wanted the “community to feel confident that when they come to their local Emergency Department, they [know they will] receive the highest quality care possible, and they receive it with friendliness and compassion.”

Cardiopulmonary Rehab offers patients the best view anywhere in the facility with floor-to-ceiling windows where two of the walls provide natural light and bring cheer to the space. The floor plan includes an integrated walking track encircling eight additional pieces of equipment. Patients are happy to no longer have to wait for a piece of equipment to free up. “The walking track has been a big hit with both the patients and the staff. It’s hard to envision a final project from a paper blueprint, but the finished product is functional, efficient, and pretty,” says Rachel Boyles, Director of Rehab and Home Services. Boyles, who has been employed by GVMH for almost 11 years, had involvement in the Cardiac Rehab expansion project as well as the rehab space in the new clinic located in Osceola, 30 minutes South of Clinton.

HMN designed the third GVMH clinic, Golden Valley Medical-Osceola. This 16,000 SF, two-story medical office building opened in December 2016. The first floor houses 12 exam rooms, an area for minor procedures, a lab and imaging equipment. Imaging services include X-Ray, bone density testing, and mammography screening. The second floor is home to Cardiac Rehab and Physical Therapy. Kyle Adkins, GVMH Administrator-Physician Clinics for the past 11 years, stated “The community’s history and culture are important. We must never stop striving to help it achieve even greater things.”

Thompson had more to say about the new outpatient area. “The best aspect of our recent outpatient expansion is how easy and convenient it is for the patients and visitors to access our outpatient services. When the project is complete, all outpatient services will be available along one main corridor with curbside parking right outside the new outpatient canopy. Prior to the expansion, patients receiving outpatient services would have to travel to the second and third floor of the facility.”


GVMH was a well-designed facility from a functional standpoint. The existing departments and ancillary spaces were efficient and compact. However, growing demand for services has necessitated the master planning effort in order to define reasonable strategies for adding new square footage. One of the biggest advantages the new expansion brought to the hospital staff, patients and their visitors was simply convenience. Our priority, alongside the hospital’s, was to ensure we have created space where all individual outpatient services were closely connected as far as distance was concerned. “We are excited about our enhanced service delivery capabilities and the opportunity to broaden the scope of healthcare services available to the community,” said Randy Wertz, Chief Executive Officer of GVMH, in a recent interview.

On November 3, 2016, Golden Valley Memorial Healthcare was presented with the prestigious Aim for Excellence Award during the Missouri Hospital Association Annual Convention. This was the first year that this specific award was presented and it was a huge honor for GVMH to have been the recipient. Also in November 2016, GVMH received the Missouri Quality Award from the Excellence in Missouri Foundation. Congratulations to GVMH on continued growth and commitment to providing compassionate care.

Posted on February 27, 2017
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