Presenting Our Newest Principal of HMN Architects, Will Chmylak

Will Chmylak - HMN Architects

Presenting Our Newest Principal of HMN Architects, Will Chmylak

Will Chmylak has been an Associate with HMN Architects since 2014 after moving to Kansas City from Texas. His experience includes over 20 years as an architect in the fields of healthcare, science and technology, higher education and sports. In his time at HMN, he has been involved in healthcare projects – including pre-design, programming, construction, project architecture, medical planning and lab planning. Currently, Will Chmylak is overseeing Olathe Medical Center’s OB/NICU Tower project as the Project Manager. In November, we were proud to announce Will Chmylak as the newest Principal at HMN Architects. We couldn’t be happier with this decision. Congratulations to Will on this huge career milestone, you will make a great addition to our leadership team.

Q&A with Will Chmylak:

What advice can you give for people who aspire to be where you are one day in their career path?

Never stop learning and improving your tools. The more you know the more you can contribute and advance yourself and your team.

Name your favorite thing about being an architect.

The impact that architecture makes on society. The buildings and spaces that we create have a lasting impression to the user and everyone who comes in touch with them. That is a powerful contribution.

How do you think the future will look for professionals in the architecture fields?

I think the future of architecture looks bright. As technology continues to evolve so are the means that architects have to deliver their product. New products and new applications of materials lends itself to new ideas.

What’s one thing about the evolving healthcare design that excites you?

The constant desire to find ways to improve the patient, family and staff experiences. Healthcare has become a very competitive market and what was once secondary is now primary when it comes to creating positive environments for all of the building users.

What are your aspirations in this position?

I aspire to lead our team in ways that will promote growth in the office and everyone’s individual career.

What are your hobbies outside of work?

Sports, especially with my kids. I have been coaching my kids for over 12 years now and love every minute of it.

Posted on November 23, 2016
Category: HMN News & Updates

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