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Stormont Vail Kanza Park

Stormont Vail Health’s Cotton O’Neil Kanza Park

First off, congratulations to Stormont Vail Health on their new facility, Cotton O’Neil Kanza Park. We are happy to present you with your new state-of-the-art, modern facility. HMN Architects, Inc. partnered with Stormont Vail Health, an integrated health care system located in Topeka, Kansas, to provide full architectural and interior design services for their new Ambulatory Surgical Center (ASC) Orthopedic Building.

This specific project began in mid-2012 and picked back up in mid-2013. HMN provided full architectural and interior design services for the new building. The construction began in August 2015 on the 87,657 SF building. The project was completed in January 2016.The building program has allowed Stormont-Vail to combine two previously separate orthopedic practices and a sports medicine function into a single state-of-the-art facility with convenient access for the community.

The 87,657 SF, three-level building is situated on a wooded site that was previously part of a state hospital facility. Care was taken to preserve historic trees and a walking trail was integrated into the development. The site’s natural slope was taken advantage of to allow for same-level entry from surface parking lots on both the east and west sides onto two separate floors. This is a valuable consideration for orthopedic and physical therapy patients who typically have trouble negotiating steps or inclines. Natural Kansas limestone accentuates a façade that includes a high level of curtain wall and storefront openings for natural light on the interior. Steel and structural glass canopies on each of the east and west facades provide the focal points for the main building entrances.

On the interior, the lower level houses an OR suite consisting of four spacious operating rooms and pre-and-post patient bays that ring a central nursing station. The nursing station allows staff to view all sides of the unit, with ICU sliding doors on the bays for maximum visibility yet privacy and sound control for patients.

The second level program is physical therapy along with occupational and speech therapy. The physical therapy area is a completely open space with floor-to-structure curtain wall glazing and an open ceiling structure. The space is designed for maximum flexibility and natural lighting. Athletic flooring provides the proper cushion and durability for this active and busy space.

The third level consists of the providers’ clinic space. A large central reception and waiting spine is highlighted by a wood-look ceiling and LED-lit wood-look wall paneling. Clinics are arranged in four pods with four separate entrances but shared back-of-house functionality. Two X-Ray rooms for imaging are also provided on this level.

The new Cotton O’Neil Kanza Park building has allowed for the consolidation of services into one single location, easing travel issues for their patients while Stormont-Vail has been able to use the new facility for physician recruitment including an orthopedic traumatalogist.

Posted on July 7, 2016
Category: HMN Client News

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